New River Barges

Have you seen the new river barges that are being developed?  They were designed by a Houston based company named Metalab.  The fun new design has been being tested for the past few months and has now gone to production.  We think they look pretty great!

New River Barges Designed by Metalab

The colorful new river barges designed by METALAB.

The New River Barges

A total of 43 new barges are being built by Lake Assault Boats of Superior Wisconsin.  They are 27 feet long and 9 feet wide and are powered by 16 lithium batteries.We are excited to see more of them operating on the river soon!

A Short Video of the New River Barges

The new barges can be configured for a wide variety of uses including dining and cocktail cruises, parade configurations, as well as tour and taxi operations.  If you see one of the new boats on the water, feel free to share a photo or video on social media and use the hashtag, #NewBargeSA.  We look forward to seeing them soon!


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