Riverwalk Boat Cruises

One of the things a visitor must do when they visit San Antonio is take a narrated river boat tour along the beautiful Riverwalk.  The tours are operated by Rio San Antonio Cruises and take place from 9am to 9pm, 365 days a year.  The tour of the main Downtown area lasts about 20 to 30 minutes and is a wonderful way to learn about the origins of the river and our Downtown history.  Don’t miss out on taking a Rio San Antonio tour on your next visit!

Rio San Antonio Riverwalk Tours

Enjoy a narrated river tour with Rio San Antonio Cruises!

Rio San Antonio Cruises


Rio San Antonio narrated river tours can be accessed from several different locations along the Riverwalk.  The costs of the tours are below.

  • Adults: $10
  • Children: $4
  • Local Residents of Bexar County Texas: $8
  • Senior Citizen (60 & older) and Military: $7
  • All prices include tax

Boats operate from 9am to 9pm daily.

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Ticket Purchase Locations For Narrated Tours

  • Under the Market Street Bridge and Alamo Street (near the Hilton Palacio del Rio)
  • Rivercenter Mall (Commerce Street and Bowie)
  • Aztec Theatre (St. Mary’s and College Streets)
Map of the locations where you can buy Rio San Antonio Cruises tour tickets.

Where to buy Rio San Antonio Cruise tickets.

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Rio San Antonio’s River Taxi Services

Ride the Riverwalk with a River Taxi from Rio San Antonio!

A River Taxi from Rio San Antonio Cruises

Rio San Antonio River Taxi Services
A Very fun way to ride the river is with Rio San Antonio’s Rio Taxi Service. Throughout the main downtown area (the Downtown Reach) and the Northern Riverwalk area (the Museum Reach) there are 39 Rio Taxi stops. The river taxis are the boats with the bright red and yellow checkered flags flying off the back of the barges.  Just go to one of the stops and when you see the taxi barge approaching, waive them over. They will pull over and the driver will go through your ticket options. We prefer to buy the $16 all day pass and ride wherever we want, all day long! Rio Taxi ticket prices are below.

Rio Taxi Prices

Downtown Area of the Riverwalk (Downtown Reach up to Lexington Street)
Rio Taxi Yellow One Way Ticket: $10
Rio Taxi Yellow 24 Hour Day Pass: $12 (unlimited rides)
Rio Taxi Yellow Three Day Pass: $25 (unlimited rides)

Museum Reach Pass (North of Lexington Street)
Rio Taxi Red 24 Hour Day Pass: $12 (unlimited rides)
Rio Taxi Red Three Day Pass: $25 (unlimited rides)

Downtown Reach and Museum Reach
Combination Red/Yellow 24 Hour Pass: $16 (unlimited rides anywhere on the Riverwalk)

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Riverwalk Dining Cruises

Take a dining cruise on the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk!

Dining cruises on the beautiful Riverwalk!

Lunch and Dinner Cruises
Lunch and dinner cruises are done on a charter basis. There are currently no Riverwalk restaurants that offer reservation based “community” type lunch or dinner cruises where you can join others on a boat for a meal.  To book a charter lunch or dinner cruise, you first contact a Riverwalk restaurant and they will charter the boat and cater the meal for you. Chartered dinner and lunch cruises seat a maximum of 20 guests but most recommend 16 to 18 people for comfort.  It is a wonderful and charming way to see the Riverwalk. If you would like more information about a private, chartered dinner, lunch or cocktail cruise, email us here.

Cocktail Cruises
Cocktail cruises are also done on a charter basis and catered by any number of Riverwalk restaurants. They can seat a maximum of 20 guests and can be configured for drinks and appetizers.

Chartered Narrated Tours
If you are part of a group coming to San Antonio, there is no better way to see the Riverwalk than with a private, chartered narrated tour. These private narrated tours can seat up to 40 people.


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